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TREAT Asia shares information on HIV/AIDS in Asia and the Pacific with both a regional and a global audience through published research, newsletters, special reports, and the Internet. The network’s primary communications vehicle, the TREAT Asia Report, is one of a handful of periodicals to report exclusively on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Asia and the Pacific, with a focus on treatment access and delivery, education and training, and policy issues.


TREAT Asia Report 

Purple Sky Network Newsletter 

Clinician's Handbook: Is It HIV? (PDF, 2010) 

Special report: Ensuring Universal Access to Comprehensive HIV Services for MSM in Asia and the Pacific (PDF, 2009) 

Fact sheet: Public Safety, Law Enforcement, and Syringe Exchange in the US (2009)   MALAY [PDF]   ENGLISH [PDF]

Special report: MSM and HIV/AIDS Risk in Asia (PDF, 2006) 

Special report: Expanded Availability of HIV/AIDS Drugs in Asia Creates Urgent Need for Trained Doctors (PDF, 2004) 

Research Presentations and Publications 

AIDS Research Information for Asia