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Collaborating for a Cure 

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Launched in 2010, the amfAR Research Consortium on HIV Eradication, or ARCHE, supports collaborative teams of scientists in the U.S. and around the world working on a range of HIV cure strategies. To date, amfAR has awarded 53 ARCHE grants, totaling close to $15 million.

“We’ve seen great strides in our collective understanding 
of how HIV could potentially be eradicated.”
—amfAR CEO Kevin Robert Frost.

 "amfAR has a long and successful history of bringing people together to take on the big challenges of HIV/AIDS," says Dr. Rowena Johnston, amfAR’s vice president and director of research. "We’re tremendously excited by this consortium. And we’re confident that this collaborative approach will create a synergy that produces results that exceed what can be generated in individual laboratories."  

ARCHE Group 1
amfAR Vice President and Director of Research Dr. Rowena Johnston (fourth from left) with several recent ARCHE grantees.

ARCHE Grantees

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ARCHE Research Teams and Their Projects

  ARCHE Group 2
ARCHE grantees meet at the amfAR office to discuss their research.  

ARCHE News and Features 

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