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Young Professionals Help amfAR’s Search for HIV Cure

Young Professionals Help amfAR’s Search for HIV Cure 

 In the fall of 2011, a small group of young professionals from the fields of finance, art, and entertainment came together to form generationCURE, a committee of young people dedicated to helping amfAR accelerate its search for a cure for HIV/AIDS.

In order to reach their target demographic of socially aware individuals between the ages of 25 and 40, generationCURE set three specific goals: raise $120,000 in 2012 to fund a new cure-focused research project; expand amfAR’s social networks and harness the power of social media; and increase HIV awareness by fighting complacency and ignorance among young people.

Generation Cure Group  
amfAR Trustee Regan Hofmann and Miss Universe, Leila Lopes, with generationCURE committee members Dan Dias, John Cafarelli, and Phillip Gutman        

On March 21, 2012, more than 100 young professionals met at The Bubble Lounge Tribeca in New York City to help amfAR kick off the generationCURE event series. Guests joined amfAR Trustee Regan Hofmann and the reigning Miss Universe, Leila Lopes, for cocktails and music spun by a live DJ to jump start this new amfAR initiative.

“A cure for HIV should be a goal for people of every generation, but for young adults today, it will have the biggest impact,” says amfAR’s Director of Philanthropy, Eric Muscatell. “At amfAR we are working to find a cure in our lifetime, and generationCURE is an attempt to recruit a new generation of supporters of that effort.”

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