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Charting a Path to a Cure


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Kevin Robert Frost, CEO

For years, many in the AIDS community have not dared to utter the word “cure.”  The scientific obstacles to HIV eradication consigned it to the realm of fantasy.

At amfAR, we understand that scientific risk-taking can yield extraordinary results, and we have never given up our commitment to finding a cure. Recent scientific advances have only reinforced that commitment. Now, with the launch of the amfAR Research Consortium for HIV Eradication (ARCHE), we have established a collaborative research initiative aimed directly at the eradication of HIV.

Treatment alone cannot end this epidemic. For every person placed on treatment, two to three are newly infected with HIV. In 2008 alone, 2.7 million were newly infected, and only 42 percent of those who needed treatment in low- to middle-income countries received it. While anti-HIV drugs suppress the virus, they cannot eliminate it, which means that antiretroviral therapy is a lifelong commitment. A cure, if possible, would be a game changer that would radically redefine our fight against HIV/AIDS.

From the start, amfAR’s mission has been to eradicate the global AIDS epidemic through innovative research. As a leader in cure-focused research for many years, we strongly believe that with the right investments now, we can bring this epidemic to an end in our lifetime. It’s going to take resources and we’ll need to take some risks along the way.  But we’ve been fighting skeptics and taking risks for almost 30 years. We won’t stop now. ARCHE, we hope, will bring us one step closer to the end of AIDS.

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Kevin Robert Frost
Chief Executive Officer