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GMT Initiative Fact Sheets: Patient Navigation and Country Ownership

The GMT Initiative has released facts sheets on two new HIV prevention and treatment issues, patient navigation and country ownership,  as part of its facts sheet series for gay men, other men who have sex with men, and transgender individuals (collectively, GMT).

The fact sheet Patient Navigation explains the benefit of training members of GMT organizations to guide GMT individuals around barriers in healthcare systems that can prevent them from accessing care—a service known as patient or peer navigation—and also provides training strategies and resources. Country Ownership” – The Shifting Strategies of Development Assistance explains how a shift in the global AIDS response towards country ownership—or ensuring that countries receiving international support have more ownership and control over their programming—is impacting the fight against HIV among GMT individuals. It also provides information on what GMT advocates can do to help their organizations benefit from the change.  

“It is vitally important that GMT activists recognize these trends and demand a role in both health delivery mechanisms and shaping the way development assistance is offered,” says Kent Klindera, director of amfAR’s GMT Initiative.

Recent advances in the prevention and treatment of HIV have added these and many other new tools to our arsenal of strategies for combating the virus among GMT individuals; however, in many regions awareness of these new tools and access to them remain limited. The GMT Initiative fact sheet series aims to help GMT activists and healthcare providers offer and advocate the best and most comprehensive package of prevention services for their communities.

“Country Ownership” – The Shifting Strategies of Development Assistance

Available in: English, French, and Spanish  

Patient Navigation

Available in: English, French, and Spanish

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