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Intersections: HIV and COVID-19

In this series of short videos, Dr. Rowena Johnston, amfAR VP and Director of Research, talks to HIV researchers about their involvement in the fight against COVID-19.  We’ll be adding new interviews regularly so check this page often. 

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episode 8   

Intersections #8: HIV and COVID-19 – DNA Vaccine

amfAR-funded HIV researcher Dr. Dan Barouch of Harvard Medical School talks to amfAR’s Dr. Rowena Johnston about his team’s efforts to rapidly develop a safe and effective vaccine against the coronavirus.


  episode 7   

Intersections #7: HIV and COVID-19 – COVID-19 and Children

amfAR’s Dr. Rowena Johnston interviews Dr. Betsy Herold of Albert Einstein College of Medicine about her research on COVID-19 in children and in particular the mysterious multi-system syndrome that affects a small number of children, sometimes after they have cleared the virus.


  episode 6   

Intersections #6: HIV and COVID-19 – Tailoring Treatment

Dr. Eileen Scully of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, a former amfAR grantee, talks to Dr. Rowena Johnston about the “moving target” of treatments for COVID-19 disease and what may be learned from the sex differences seen in the pandemic.



  episode 4   

Intersections #5: HIV and COVID-19 – Antibody Testing, Treatment and Vaccines

Dr. Michael Farzan of Scripps Research in Florida talks to Dr. Rowena Johnston about the potency and potential of antibodies, the foot soldiers of the immune system, for treating and preventing COVID-19.



  episode 4   

Intersections #4: HIV and COVID-19 – Lessons from Australia

Renowned Australian HIV researcher Professor Sharon Lewin speaks to amfAR’s Rowena Johnston about Australia’s response to the coronavirus and the collaboration among HIV researchers who are now addressing the new pandemic.



  episode 3   

Intersections #3: HIV and COVID-19 - RNA Vaccine

Professor Robin Shattock of Imperial College London talks to amfAR's Dr. Rowena Johnston about his team's efforts to rapidly develop and test a self-amplifying RNA vaccine against the coronavirus.


  episode 2   

Intersections #2: HIV and COVID-19 - Testing

In this interview, amfAR grantee Dr. Keith Jerome of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center discusses issues of testing for the novel coronavirus and his team’s early involvement in the development of such a test.


  episode 1   

Intersections #1: HIV and COVID-19 - Hydroxychloroquine Trial 

amfAR’s Dr. Rowena Johnston talks to HIV researcher and amfAR grantee Dr. Timothy Schacker of the University of Minnesota about his involvement in clinical trials of experimental treatments for COVID-19.