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Condolences for Natasha Richardson

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To Liam, and boys,

I am so sorry for your troubles. I am an HIV prevention specialist in a small town in Vermont. I have heard many wonderful stories about Natasha's commitment to HIV/AIDS and  have respected her for her work towards our cause. Your family should be so proud of such a courageous and wonderful woman, wife and mother.
My deepest sympathy goes out to you all. Our program is a better one because of Natasha and her hard work. May you find gentle peace in time, and know how loved she was by everyone.

Yours in grief,
HIV Prevention Specialist
AIDS Project of Southern Vermont

Dear amfAR and the Neeson-Richardson family:

Our family's most heartfelt condolences go out to all of you who knew her personally on the untimely death of Natasha Richardson. Words are inadequate at such a time of tragic loss. My family and I pray that Ms. Richardson's example of compassion will inspire others to take up her work in supporting AIDS research. In particular we send our deepest sympathies to Mr. Neeson and his sons and extended family. We hope that this message of appreciation and concern will comfort them in their loss of such an extraordinary wife, mother, actor and humanitarian.

Dallas, TX

Our family’s condolences go to Natasha Richardson’s family.  We will always remember her magic.
Russ and Beth

Here is a little poem I made for Tasha.   I was a huge fan of hers.

An Angel Walked Among Us
An angel walked among us and we didn't even know
Her smile would light up any room
She had that special glow
She was taken from us way too soon
I don't know why and never will
I guess God needed a brand new angel
and Tasha fit the bill
Rest in peace sweet angel
We will never forget you

What is Beauty?  Beauty IS and ALWAYS will be Natasha Richardson.
The first time I every saw Natasha was on the movie "The Parent Trap" - I remember when she stood on the staircase looking at her daughter (Lindsay), I was like wow! who is this gorgeous girl, I was in total awe with Tasha's beauty. Though I didn't know Tasha personally and I do regret that (one doesn't have to know someone personally for their misfortune to affect them) it broke my heart when I heard of Tasha's accident/death, I still CANNOT believe it - I keep saying to myself:  Natasha Richardson is dead!   My heart goes out to her family, I can only imagine the pain they are experiencing.  I have opened a group on Facebook called - Let's Light a Candle for Natasha Richardson - I would love any and everyone to support by her joining, because everyone who joins represents a candle being lit for our precious Tasha. 
Tasha I love and miss u and for this I dedicate Michael Jackson's 'Gone Too Soon' to you.
Trinidad & Tobago

It is with the deepest of sympathy that I wish to infer my condolences to Natasha’s family, her husband Liam, and her two sons.  I am an ordinary citizen, not a celebrity, but when I read about the traumatic death of this young woman and mother, it broke my heart.  As ordinary citizens, we often think that celebrities feel they are infallible and are not subject to life’s destiny as the ordinary lay person or professional.  But indeed, none of us can escape the wrath of unforeseen circumstance.  This woman was beautiful, vibrant, wholesome and a very young woman and mother.  When I learned of her passing and the unforeseen circumstance, such an innocent ski trip with her sons, I could not help of thinking of my own daughters and my own motherhood.  What is so normal and expected from mothers who are committed to their children, spouses and families, is often taken for granted.  Status quo does not, and did not, keep Natasha from suffering a premature tragedy.  I hope her fans realize this, I hope her family realizes this.  A severe loss to her two sons, and to her husband.


I loved her work. She will be missed. God Bless her Family.

Silver Spring, Maryland

I want to send a message out to Natasha, her family, friends, and also her loyal fans.

Natasha's loss seemed to have hit the entire world, her wonderful family felt this loss more then anyone. But her friends, and fans also felt this loss. Natasha was with no shadow of a doubt a number 1 favorite of mine and many others of course. She helped me in many ways, she gave me courage, confidence, and a new way to look at the world with love.
Her heart was 10 times the size of anyone i have ever known of, and i was deeply impacted and saddened by the loss of this beautiful, tenacious, kind, and GOLDEN lady. She was the image of purity and seemed to give off a presence of royalty wherever she went. Natasha touched the hearts of many people and made the world a better place, with the kindness of her smile and her love, and there is no doubt in the world that her beauty will live on and on. She was a teacher and a saint and i am so glad she came in to the world, if we all got a single flower whenever we all thought about Natasha, we could walk forever in a garden of beauty.

I will never forget Natasha and my heart goes to her husband and her little boys, her friends, co-workers, and of course her adoring fan base that spreads over the world. Not only was she loved by those who knew her, but she was also cherished by those who know her in spirit and felt connected to her. I know i am not the only one who felt a great amount of love and gratitude for this amazing woman and all she ha done for the world, i also know for a fact i am not the only one who will remain great full forever to her. Natasha you will be missed and cherished forever in my heart.


I feel so saddened and shocked by Natasha's death and send love to her family. I am surprised by the strength of my feelings. I saw Natasha in the Seagull and was so moved by her performance that I organised a school trip to see it again. Soon after, I was at a theatre fundraiser to which she also came and I went over to her to tell her how much I had liked her performance. She seemed self-effacing and shy and I was thrilled to have met her. Perhaps this encounter when I was 16 meant more to me than I realized and also I am now a mother to two small children and I feel for her family so greatly. My thoughts are with you.


How great are those souls who light up the lives of others, even for a second with a smile , a laugh, a kind word or a performance that remains long in the mind after the curtain has come down. I didn't know Natasha but I wish I did. She will be sorely missed not only by her family and friends, but by the world. It is a darker place now that another star has dimmed and gone out. It is up to us to remember and to pick up the torch; it is the least we can do for a special lady and great HIV/AIDS advocate. My heartfelt condolences go out to Liam, the boys and their extended family who have given me many wonderful hours of entertainment. I am so sorry for your loss.

Nantwich, England

I want to express my deep sorrow on the death of such a lady as this one.
She was a wonderful actress, and obviously a wonderful person as well.
My heart goes out to her entire family especially her two boys and her mother, Vanessa Redgrave. Life is not supposed to work this way.
May the sorrow you are all feeling now turn into wonderful memories of all the good times you had with her in her short life.

Venice, FL

I wish to extend to the family of Ms. Natasha Richardson my most sincere condolences.  What a tragid and untimely loss. I intend to send a donation  to amfAR in memory of this fine lady.
In shared sorrow,

Louise Halperin
Westmount, Quebec, Canada

My heart goes out to Natasha’s family and friends – a tragic loss for all of them, and also for her many fans. She will be missed terribly.


Although I never met Natasha, I am deeply saddened by her sudden death.  I loved her in the movie "The Parent Trap" and respected her work for amfAR.  She was a beautiful person who gave so much to the world through not only through her work as an actress, but also through her advocacy for everyone affected by AIDS and striving to make the world a more tolerant place.  I hope that her family and friends ones will find strength and peace in Natasha's everlasting legacy of love and compassion.  Her work through amfAR and her movies will always be with us all.
In deepest sympathy,
Fullerton, CA

Being a huge fan of Natasha Richardson, I still find myself feeling devastated by the events that led to her untimely death. My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to her entire family. I had the pleasure of seeing Ms. Richardson on Broadway twice, in “Closer” and then in “A Streetcar Named Desire." I was also lucky enough to meet her on both occasions after each performance. She was so sweet and gracious, and gorgeous to boot. I remember telling her after Streetcar, that it was the first time I had ever left a live performance with tears in my eyes. When she walked off the stage as Blanche and said her final line "I've always depended on the kindness of strangers," I was moved to tears. Her portrayal of that character is something I will never forget.
New Jersey

I'm so saddened by the loss of dear Natasha. I liked her since I was little girl and saw her in the movie "Parent Trap". She was a perfect speakperson. She was undescribably beautiful, cared about her fans, and was always smiley even when she had pain. She was really perfect, and I feel so sorry for her family, first of all her 2 sons who would still need that fantastic mum in the life to help them get through the difficult things. I just know she watches us, her family and fans from the heaven above, and smiles together with the angels up there. She is already one of them.

Miss you so much Natasha!!!

Victoria P.
Budapest, Hungary