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Join amfAR in Supporting the Denver Principles Project


March 26, 2009—Two years after the first AIDS cases were reported in the U.S. in 1981, a group of people with AIDS gathered in Denver to demand greater involvement in the crucial decisions that were affecting their lives. Their mission was urgent: to craft a powerful statement asserting their human rights, outlining their recommendations for preventing discrimination by healthcare workers, and calling on those affected by AIDS to take action. The resulting document, known as the Denver Principles, marked a turning point in the history of AIDS and helped rally those living with the virus to take leadership of the fight against the epidemic.

Despite the significant advances that have been made since the Denver  Principles were written in 1983, many people with HIV/AIDS still lack access to prevention, treatment, and care services—and many continue to live in fear and isolation. As part of an effort to unite those living with the virus and encourage them to make their voices heard, amfAR has pledged its support to the Denver Principles Project, an initiative organized by the National Association of People with AIDS (NAPWA) and POZ magazine.

With the goal of mobilizing the HIV/AIDS community to renew its commitment to the Denver Principles, the project aims to increase NAPWA’s membership to 100,000 by December 1, World AIDS Day. By coming together to lobby for vital services, people with HIV/AIDS can play a significant role in shaping AIDS policy, while honoring the vision of the early activists who fought for their right to do so.
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