amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research

amfAR Chairman Kenneth Cole on CCTV

On August 16, Full Frame’s Mike Walter interviewed Kenneth Cole, amfAR chairman of the board and founder and chairman of the fashion house Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc., for CCTV. Walter talked to Cole about the groundbreaking public service campaigns he designed for amfAR during the early days of AIDS, when stigma prevented many people from talking about the virus. They discussed one provocative ad from the ‘80s that read, “Our shoes aren’t the only thing we encourage you to wear,” and pictured a condom package—despite the fact that advertising condoms was against the law at the time.

They also discussed how Kenneth Cole Productions, now a billion-dollar company, got its start in the back of a truck. “The best solution is rarely the most expensive one; it’s almost always the most creative,” says Cole, about how both KCP and amfAR have achieved nearly 30 years of success. “amfAR looks at what needs to happen and approaches it very creatively, very innovatively, and that’s why amfAR has had so many breakthroughs.”