amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research


In this new video interview series, we speak with people living with HIV about their experience of COVID-19.

Connections - Episode 4: COVID & HIV – Michael Carter
Michael Carter, of London, recounted his experience of HIV and discussed the COVID pandemic in the UK and his participation in an unblinded Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine study specifically targeting people with HIV.

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Connections - Episode 3: COVID & HIV – Maria Davis
Maria Davis has dedicated much of her life to being an educator, advocate, and activist on behalf of people living with HIV. To commemorate National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day on February 7, we caught up with Maria after first interviewing her 10 years ago.

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Connections #2 COVID & HIV – Tom Perrault & Sal Giambanco
amfAR spoke with Tom Perrault and Sal Giambanco about their experience of COVID-19. As gay men who lived through the early years of the AIDS epidemic, Tom and Sal also discuss the parallels between COVID and HIV. And Tom talks about his participation in an ambitious new amfAR clinical trial aimed at “training” the body to control HIV without antiretroviral medication.

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Connections #1 COVID & HIV – Steven Angelides
Steven Angelides of Boston, MA, was infected with the coronavirus, along with his partner and his cat. He discusses the experience and the echoes of the early days of HIV/AIDS.

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