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GMT Initiative –- EECA Community Awards (2012)

 GMT Initiative –- EECA Community Awards (2012)

Tanadgoma – Center for Information and Counseling on Reproductive Health (Tbilisi, Georgia) - $19,970
Access to HIV-Related Services for Transgender Individuals in the South Caucasus
Funded for a second year, Tanadgoma, as part of a sub-regional network of organizations in the South Caucasus, aims to increase understanding of transgender individuals’ needs in three countries—Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia—through interviews. The resulting reports will be used to advocate for increased access to quality HIV prevention, treatment, and care services for transgender people, and greater transgender inclusion in programming focused on GMT.

Kyrgyz Indigo (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan) - $19,663
Bringing Safety and Security to the Local GBT Community
In their second year as an amfAR grantee, Kyrgyz Indigo will continue implementing programs serving ethnic Kyrgyz GMT individuals and will embark on a new project with the goal of increasing sexual health and personal safety skills for GMT. The project will promote tolerance among members of the military and police, as well as government officials and the media.

GENDERDOC-M Information Centre (Chisinau, Moldova) - $19,975
Organizational and Educational Work with Third Age MSM: Our Response to HIV/AIDS
GENDERDOC-M will pilot an innovative program engaging older (45+) GMT as part of an effort to reduce the spread and impact of HIV in three cities in Moldova. GENDERDOC-M will first assess the most urgent needs of older GMT, work to refine HIV services to meet those needs, and then advocate with government and other partners for increased attention to HIV services designed for older GMT individuals. GENDERDOC-M also expects to develop a model for other organizations in the region to emulate.

Safe Pulse of Youth (SPY) (Belgrade, Serbia) - $8,000
Community-Based VCT for GMT in Belgrade as an Additional Measurement for HIV Prevention
An amfAR grantee for a third year, SPY will use promotional leaflets and posters, social media, and other Internet-based content to promote safer sex and increase utilization of a GMT-specific drop-in center. SPY will also provide social support, quality HIV prevention services, and referrals for treatment and palliative care, while scaling up HIV testing and counseling services in Belgrade.

Equal Opportunities (Dushanbe, Tajikistan) - $20,000
Accessibility, Quality, and Reliability on Equal Terms
Now in its third year of amfAR funding, Equal Opportunities will conduct sexual health workshops and outreach services at its information center in Dushanbe, which also serves as a safe space for GMT to gather and find social support. The organization will also continue to promote GMT-friendly health care settings through skills-building trainings with health care providers, and advocate for more sustainable political and financial support for their efforts.

Penitentiary Initiative (Nikolaev, Ukraine) - $15,000
Increasing Access to HIV Prevention, Care, and Support for MSM in Prisons
The Penitentiary Initiative will advocate on behalf of, and provide services for, “outcast” GMT in prison settings, including psychological support groups and individual counseling. The organization, which is receiving its fourth grant from amfAR, will also pilot new strategies (such as rapid HIV testing) in three prisons, as well as continue holding training seminars with Ministry of Justice officials on both medical and non-medical aspects of living with HIV.

Club Life+ (Odessa, Ukraine) - $20,000
Medical and Social Support, HIV Prevention among Gay Men and MSM
A new partner for amfAR, Club Life+ will implement a comprehensive sexual health promotion program for GMT, including those living with HIV. In addition to running a community center that provides social and psychological support, Club Life+ will conduct bi-monthly skills-building sessions for its members. This project will complement an initiative supported by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria that offers outreach services to GMT, including distribution of condoms and lubricant.