amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research

2011 GMT Initiative Community Awards


Humanity First Cameroon (Yaounde, Cameroon) - $10,000
Toward Universal Access to HIV Prevention and Care of MSM in the City of Yaounde 
The project aims to increase access to HIV prevention and treatment services for MSM in Yaounde. The project will also improve care for infected MSM, create easier access to medication, and provide trainings for health professionals on MSM-friendly health services.

Alternatives-Cameroun (Douala, Cameroon) - $20,000
The Access Extended Project 2011 
Building upon a previous amfAR award, the project will extend HIV services to MSM in Yaounde and Buea, including improved access to HIV testing, prevention, and medical care.  The project will also support improved monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to ensure maximal impact.

*Name Withheld (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) - $10,000
(In collaboration with Heartland Alliance and American Jewish World Service)
LGBT/MSM Sexual Health Education & Promotion Initiative 
The project will educate and empower MSM, including male sex workers, to access HIV prevention and treatment services through peer education and street/bar outreach, distribution of condoms and lubricants, web-based forums and discussions, and health awareness pamphlets.

PEMA Kenya (Mombasa, Kenya) - $20,000
Facing Fears - The key to change... reaching religious leaders to enhance access to care for MSM
Building upon a previous amfAR award, the project will address stigma, discrimination, and criminalization of MSM and LGBT individuals among the religious community, and media and law enforcement professionals in coastal Kenya.  Emphasis will be placed on the implications of stigma in accessing HIV prevention and treatment and other health services.

Stop AIDS in Liberia (SAIL) (Monrovia, Liberia) - $20,000
HIV and AIDS Awareness, Advocacy and Prevention Campaign on Sexual Health and Rights for Men Who Have Sex with Other Men (MSM) in Post-War Liberia
Building upon a previous amfAR award, the project will improve and extend outreach services by peer educators and will introduce web-based interventions.  Central to the project, staff will determine MSM “hot spots” for condom and lubricant distribution.  The project will also train peer educators in advocacy skills, and will support advocacy and policy efforts by prominent stakeholders.

Association de lutte contre le sida (ALCS) (Marrakesh, Morocco) - $19,789
Centre for sexual and reproductive health
Building upon a previous amfAR award, ALCS will scale up activities and services by offering a comprehensive and holistic package of health services tailored to MSM needs, as well as introducing HIV case management in order to improve client follow-up. ALCS will also develop brochures detailing services offered and strengthen peer educator capacity in order to increase the number of MSM clients accessing services at their center.

Gender DynamiX (Cape Town, South Africa) - $20,000
Transgender and HIV research and education project
Gender DynamiX will design and implement a qualitative study of HIV knowledge, sexual behavior, and access to clinical services among transgender women in South Africa. Following the study, Gender DynamiX will disseminate research findings in order to influence future implementation of TG programs.

Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ)  (Harare, Zimbabwe) - $20,000
HIV prevention project for MSM by MSM in Zimbabwe
The project aims to reduce HIV/STI transmission among MSM within GALZ and among other MSM in Zimbabwe, through improved outreach and discussion groups, as well as distribution of condoms and lubricants. Additionally GALZ will design and implement an HIV sero-prevalence study among MSM, and will strengthen relationships with government agencies and other major stakeholders in Zimbabwe to increase visibility and advocacy efforts.


*Name withheld by request (Baoding, China) - $16,700
MSM living with HIV treatment and care services project in Hebei
The direct service and advocacy intervention aims to improve the health and well being of MSM living with HIV through treatment literacy and advocacy workshops, peer education activities, home visits, counseling, and referral programs. A key part of the project will be to encourage HIV-positive MSM to actively engage in local advocacy activities. 

Loving Support Center for Health and Education (Shenyang, China) - $20,000
Occupational health education for migrant male sex workers
The direct service intervention aims to promote the health and rights of male sex workers in Shenyang and Tianjin. Employing a rights-based approach, the project will build camaraderie among the sex workers to assist and support each other, build skills for health and well being, and provide STI/HIV information and referrals. The project will also produce the first-ever male sex worker periodical in China.

AIDS Task Force of Fiji (Suva, Fiji) - $20,000
Participatory production of resources for STI/HIV prevention among MSM/TG in Fiji
The direct service intervention aims to utilize participatory methods to develop and disseminate specific behavior-change communication materials for MSM/TG communities in Fiji. In addition to community members, health professionals will be engaged to assist in development and dissemination of the materials.

Sangama (in partnership with Aneka) (Bangalore, India) - $20,000
Community-centered HIV prevention intervention models among transgenders
The research study aims to use qualitative methods to analyze existing HIV prevention program models among transgender communities, and to develop guidelines for increased involvement of transgender individuals in future programs and recommendations to achieve universal access to HIV services. 

Youth for Health Center (Ulaan-baatar, Mongolia) - $20,000
Positive changes in Mongolia
The direct service and advocacy project aims to utilize media to increase awareness of sexual orientation and gender identity issues, and increase health awareness within the LGBT community.  Utilizing a quarterly newsletter, radio programming, websites, and health education pamphlets, the project will reach LGBT community members with health messages.  The project will also engage community leaders to sensitize them to the rights and health needs of sexual minorities. 

TLF Sexuality, Health and Rights Educators Collective, Inc. (TLF-SHARE) (Makati City, Philippines) - $19,900
Capacity building for direct services to MSM and TG communities in San Jose del Monte City and Albay Province
The capacity-building project aims to strengthen the ability of two community-based organizations to implement comprehensive health and wellness programs for MSM in Albay and Bulacan provinces.  The project will focus on outreach programs, peer support, skills-building seminars, educational materials, and distribution of condoms and lubricants. 

Action for AIDS Singapore (Singapore) - $15,980
Transgender outreach program
The direct service and advocacy project aims to reach transgender women with health and well-being information through outreach programs, social gatherings, support groups, educational materials, and an innovative “online” beauty pageant.  In addition, the project aims to inform health professionals of the needs of transgender women and advocate for increased investment. 

The Human Rights Education Institute of Burma (Chiang Mai, Thailand) - $19,963
Supporting Burmese MSM migrant workers in Southern Thailand
The direct service project aims to reach transient Burmese MSM in Southern Thailand with health and human rights information, skills-building workshops, educational materials, social space, and referral to MSM-friendly HIV/STI-specific and primary health care facilities.  

  The Caribbean

Jóvenes de la Vida Real (YurWorld) (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) - $19,636
[In Collaboration with Centro Orientación e Investigación Integral (COIN)]
Proyecto Hombre Seguro ("Safe Man")
The project will improve access to HIV-related and other social services for at least 1,200 MSM sex workers and their clients through peer outreach in popular hot spots, distribution of condoms and informational materials, and referrals to COIN’s medical center. In addition, the project will train health providers from additional clinics to increase the geographic availability of “male sex worker-friendly” services. Web-based outreach will also be conducted to ensure that more hard-to-reach men have access to information and clinical services.

MSM: No Political Agenda (MSMNPA) (Santa Cruz, Trinidad & Tobago) - $20,000
Regional Response to HIV/AIDS Vulnerability amongst MSM in the Caribbean
The project, a continuation of past amfAR funding, will provide HIV/AIDS related information and support to approximately 1,000 MSM and allies in nine Caribbean countries. MSMNPA will seek regional input on content, then produce, distribute, and webhost three issues of its magazine FRee FORUM, which is dedicated to HIV/STI prevention, treatment, and care, as well as LGBT and human rights advocacy.

GrenCHAP Inc. (St. George, Grenada) - $10,000
Building Capacity for LGBT Targeted HIV Prevention in Grenada 
The project will conduct a needs assessment of MSM in Grenada to inform MSM-related programming, surveying approximately 60 men. GranCHAP Inc. has secured a safe space to provide trainings, workshops, and counseling to at least 300 MSM. In addition, the project will train at least 20 MSM to conduct peer outreach: disseminating condoms, lubricants, and informational materials.

Name Withheld by Request (Kingston, Jamaica) - $20,000
¡Living Out Loud! Empowering Proud Identities
The project will support ¡Living Out Loud!, Jamaica’s first internet intervention by and for LGBT youth. Utilizing a virtual safe space, ¡Living Out Loud! provides information, skills, social support, counseling, and referrals for young MSM and other LGBT adolescents and youth. Online peer educators cover HIV and AIDS transmission, treatment and care, sexual orientation, gender identity, human rights, sexual and reproductive health, among other issues.

United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM) (Belize City, Belize) - $20,000
Reducing Vulnerability to HIV and Homophobia through Education, Economic Empowerment, and Family Support
The project will provide support services for young MSM and their families in the Cayo District of Belize. Various strategies will be utilized, including peer-led support groups, MSM-specific health information posted on social websites, and support services for families to foster support, understanding, and acceptance of MSM. Additionally, UNIBAM will provide workshops for at least 100 MSM on sexual health, self defense, and entrepreneurship in order to increase their economic independence.

Friends For Life (Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago) - $10,000
Improving the Service Delivery Model for GLBT, MSM/TG & Male Sex Workers in Trinidad & Tobago
The project will utilize trained peer educators to increase access to sexual health services (including HIV voluntary counseling and testing) for LGBT individuals, other MSM, and transgender and male sex workers. Central to the project will be the distribution of condoms, lubricant, safer sex information, and referral information cards. The project will also collect baseline data of HIV/AIDS prevention knowledge among MSM, as well as provide one-to-one coping and life-skills counseling for gay men, other MSM, transgender individuals, and sex workers.

Name withheld by request (Kingston, Jamaica) - $20,000 
Expanding Outreach to Hearing-Impaired MSM in Jamaica
The project, building on a previous amfAR grant, will provide HIV prevention, treatment and care services, including psychological support, to the hearing-impaired MSM community in Jamaica. The project will continue support groups for hearing-impaired MSM in Kingston, and will extend these services to four new groups in Mandeville, Savannah-la Mar/Westmoreland, Montego Bay, and Brown’s Town. Project staff and beneficiaries will also advocate for inclusion of hearing-impaired MSM services in local health centers.

Foundation HE+HIV (Paramarimbo, Suriname) - $9,963
Men who have Sex with Men and living with HIV (MSM+) Wellness Programme
The project will increase psychological and social support for MSM living with HIV by organizing peer-led support groups, providing individual and family counseling, offering home and hospital visits, and making emergency financial support available for MSM living with HIV. In addition, the project will build capacity of Foundation HE+HIV staff and volunteers to be more responsive to the needs of MSM living with HIV. Finally, the project will launch an anti-stigma and discrimination media campaign, targeting the general population through TV and newspaper advertisements.

United and Strong, Inc. (Gros Islet, St. Lucia) - $10,000
Arming and Involving Young MSM in the Frontline of Prevention 
The project will train a group of influential gay men, other MSM, and transgender individuals to become peer educators, thus educating and empowering other MSM. The training will include basic sexual health information, advocacy strategies, and pre- and post-test counseling skills. Once trained, the peer educators will disseminate information regarding sexual health, including HIV/STI prevention, treatment, and care; provide counseling for HIV testing; and conduct safer sex discussions.

  Eastern Europe and Central Asia

We for Civil Equality (WFCE) (Yerevan, Armenia) - $19,891
HIV/AIDS Prevention through Behavioral Changes & Human Rights Empowerment among MSM/TG Communities in Armenia
This direct service and advocacy project aims to promote safer sex behaviors among gay men, other MSM and transgender individuals in Yerevan by offering HIV information, counseling, and testing through peer outreach services.  WFCE will also develop and disseminate a sexual and mental health guide for gay men, other MSM, and transgender individuals. Additionally, a seminar will be held on the intersection between health and human rights, as well as addressing national health policy with local and international organizations in Yerevan.

Center for Information and Counseling on Reproductive Health, NGO Tanadgoma (Tbilisi, Georgia) - $19,861
HIV/AIDS South Caucasus Consultation on MSM and TG People
This advocacy project will organize the first South Caucasus Consultation on HIV/AIDS among MSM and transgender individuals, involving key stakeholders from Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. The consultation will develop recommendations for national and local governments in the South Caucasus, and create a regional network for further advocacy and information exchange.

Organization Kyrgyz Indigo (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan) - $17,722
HIV Prevention and Empowerment of Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Lesbian People
This direct service and advocacy project will target ethnic Kyrgyz LGBT individuals through the development and dissemination of educational materials on health awareness and human rights, as well as offering skills-building workshops on risk reduction, HIV prevention, advocacy, and human rights. Throughout the project, Indigo will also document human rights violations and hate crimes targeting LGBT individuals, producing an annual report to use as an advocacy tool. Finally, Indigo will develop, design, and launch a website for increased access to health information and events.

The Siberian Alternative Center NGO (Omsk, Russia) - $20,000
Best friends: HIV/STI Prevention with Female Alliances and MSM and TG People
Building upon a previous amfAR award, this project will engage female friends of gay men, other MSM, and transgender individuals as counselors and educators.  Taking advantage of the special relationship that exists between MSM/transgender individuals and their female friends, through training and regular meetings it is expected that these women will assist in providing effective behavior change communication to reduce risky sexual behavior among MSM/TG. 

Oryol Regional Public Organization to Fight AIDS, NGO Phoenix PLUS (Orel, Russia) - $10,364
Boys Plus: The Development of an Information Site about HIV for Gay Men
This direct service and advocacy project will improve a website targeting HIV-positive MSM in Russia. Utilizing blogging, group discussions, and opinion pieces for and by HIV-positive MSM, the website will promote awareness of HIV prevention, healthy living, and coping skills, and foster social exchange in a safe environment for MSM living with HIV.  Phoenix will also conduct a baseline and endline survey, measuring the impact of the project.

Non-Governmental Organization Safe Pulse of Youth (SPY) (Belgrade, Serbia) - $18,000
Advocacy for Sustainability of MSM Drop-in Center in Belgrade
This research and advocacy project will utilize quantitative and qualitative research methods to determine differences between community-run and government-run health facilities for gay men, other MSM and transgender individuals.  With results, SPY will advocate with policy makers and service providers for high quality, targeted health services for MSM and TG individuals. Finally, SPY will develop an advocacy tool-kit to guide other organizations facing similar issues.

Civil Society Organization Equal Opportunities (Dushanbe, Tajikistan) - $9,500
HIV and Other Socially Significant Diseases among MSM and GBT
This direct service project builds upon a previous amfAR grant to scale up HIV-related peer outreach services, increase visitors to Equal Opportunities drop-in center for social support, and improve HIV counseling and testing services for gay men, other MSM, and transgender individuals.

Penitentiary Initiative, the Nikolaev Regional Public Youth Movement (Penitentiary Initiative) -$18.000
HIV Prevention & Psychosocial Support for MSM in Prisons
Based on multiple previous amfAR awards, this project will reduce the vulnerabilities of MSM in prison settings through the scale-up of training and community mobilization activities to reduce MSM-related stigma and discrimination on the part of prison staff and the greater prison population. The project will also provide psychosocial support and HIV prevention activities (e.g., peer education, peer counseling, and health service referral) for MSM prisoners in three colonies in the Nikolaev region.  Finally, a training manual will be developed to replicate the project in prisons throughout Ukraine and the region. 

NGO Insight (Kiev, Ukraine) – $16,680
T – Time
This research and advocacy project will conduct a qualitative study of transgender needs and opportunities.  Various issues will be studied, including access to hormones and other medical services, sexual behaviors and awareness of safer sexual practices, as well as strategies for effective HIV and STI prevention among transgender individuals. The project will also hold trainings and skills-building workshops for transgender women on human rights, health access, and HIV prevention, as well as distributing condoms and lubricants. Insight also will work to challenge Ukrainian laws related to gender reassignment surgery.

  Latin America

Coordinadora Nacional e agrupaciones y organizaciones de personas que viven con VIH/SIDA (VIVO POSITIVO) (Santiago, Chile) - $20,000
Homophobia, quality of life, and vulnerability to HIV/AIDS in homosexuals
The quantitative research project will examine homophobic attitudes among both heterosexual and homosexual men, and their relation to HIV vulnerability among MSM.  In addition, the study will examine real and perceived discrimination among gay men and how this discrimination affects their quality of life, as well as protective factors that lead to the reduction of the spread and impact of HIV and AIDS.

Fundación Radio Diversa (Bogota, Colombia) - $19,975
Sexo Sentido (Sex Sense): Communication program for HIV prevention among gay men in prioritized cities of Colombia
The direct service and advocacy project aims to promote health and human rights by using communication strategies including an Internet-based radio program, blogs, chats, e-mail, and face-to-face interactions with the LGBT community at festivals. Additionally, the project will advocate among local community leaders and law enforcement officials to build support for their efforts. 

Asociación Jóvenes en Movimiento (AJEM) (Tegucigalpa, Honduras) - $19,978
Closing the gaps/Integrating communities
The direct service project aims to reduce the spread and impact of HIV among young gay and bisexual men, transgender women, and other MSM through a comprehensive health and wellness program, including skills-building workshops, educational materials dissemination, and community awareness activities. Uniquely, the project will engage theater practitioners to develop acting and theater production skills among young gay men and other MSM, focusing on anti-homophobia and HIV themes. 

SOMOSGAY (Asuncion, Paraguay) - $19,977
Centre for voluntary counseling and testing in Asuncion
The direct service project aims to establish a community health center for gay men and other MSM, offering counseling, HIV testing, STI diagnosis and treatment, and referrals for MSM living with HIV. Additionally, HIV risk-reduction and LGBT-rights materials will be developed and disseminated within the greater LGBT community. 

Asociación Amigos por Siempre Promoviendo Tus Derechos (AAxS) (Callo, Perú) - $20,000
Improving health services and surveillance systems for transgender populations
The direct service and advocacy project seeks to improve access to care, treatment, and prevention of STIs/HIV among transgender individuals through individual skills-building training sessions, support groups, advocacy visits to schools and health centers, public awareness raising events, and media advocacy. 

Instituto de Estudios en Salud, Sexualidad y Desarrollo Humano (Lima, Perú) - $19,790
Contextual issues of the transgender experience and their relation to vulnerability
The qualitative research study aims to inform interventions focused on reducing the spread and impact of HIV among transgender women in Peru.  The study will examine gender identity, sex work, gender enhancement techniques, and substance use in relation to HIV vulnerabilities.

Asociación Civil Manantial de Vida Pro Defensa de los Derechos Humanos (AMAVIDA) (San Francisco, Venezuela) - $19,260
Training in HIV prevention and rights for young gay indigenous Yukpa men of Venezuela
The direct service intervention aims to empower young gay Yukpa men through skills-building workshops, discussions groups, and the development of a culturally appropriate HIV prevention and life skills handbook.