amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research

The Domino Effect of HIV/AIDS

amfAR CEO Kevin Robert Frost penned a lead opinion piece in a special World AIDS Day supplement distributed with USA Today on Thursday, December 1.

Titled The Domino Effect of HIV/AIDS, the piece argued that HIV/AIDS cannot be viewed in isolation. Rather, it fans the flames of other global epidemics such as tuberculosis and hepatitis, complicating treatment and placing an overwhelming burden on many of the world’s most fragile healthcare systems.

Conversely, programs designed primarily to combat HIV/AIDS have yielded broad benefits for health systems and public health in many parts of the world. Similarly, research on HIV/AIDS has led to many new and experimental treatments for conditions such as cancer, hepatitis, and heart disease. 

Arguing for greater investments in HIV cure research, Frost concluded by saying that “by removing a catalyst for the spread of many of the world’s deadly diseases, a cure [for HIV] could have a giant ripple effect resulting in many millions of lives extended and saved, and greatly reduced burdens on healthcare systems worldwide.”

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