amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research

Research Grants

Research Grants

amfAR utilizes formal requests for proposals to solicit grant applications for both targeted and general HIV/AIDS research. Proposals are then peer reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Committee on the basis of their relevance, scientific merit, and promise. To date, amfAR has awarded more than 3,300 grants to research teams worldwide.

Request for Proposals
Target Grants


amfAR Advances Collaborative Bioengineering Studies Aimed at Curing HIV

New amfAR Grants Advance HIV Cure and Post-Treatment Control Studies

New amfAR Grants Address Critical HIV Cure Research Questions


amfAR Announces 2018 Mathilde Krim Fellowship Recipient

amfAR Awards New Funding for Gene Therapy Study Aimed at Curing HIV

April 2018: Impact Grants: Gaining Insights from the Clinic

February 2018: amfAR Renews Investment in Bioengineering Approaches to Curing HIV


February 2017: New amfAR Grants Enlist Help of Bioengineers to Overcome Obstacles to Curing HIV

October 2017: New amfAR Awards Give Boost to Promising Young HIV/AIDS Researchers

July 2017: ARCHE Gene Therapy Grants

July 2017: Innovation Grants

July 2017: New amfAR Research Grants Advance Gene Therapy and Other Innovative Approaches to HIV Cure


June 2016: New amfAR Grant Addresses Key Challenge in Cure Research

Countdown to a Cure Grants 2014-2016

October 2016: New amfAR Grants Support Next Generation of Scientists Pursuing Innovative Solutions to HIV/AIDS

June 2016: amfAR Research Funding Targets Biggest Roadblocks to HIV Cure

January 2016: New amfAR Grants Spur Innovative HIV Cure Research Collaborations


October 2015: New amfAR Awards Accelerate Research Towards HIV Cure

July 2015: New amfAR Grants Accelerate Research Efforts to Eradicate HIV

March 2015: generationCURE Awards Inaugural Cure-Focused Research Grant

February 2015: amfAR Announces $100 Million Investment Strategy Aimed at Curing HIV


July 2014: HIV Cure Research Gains Momentum from New amfAR Funding

May 2014: amfAR Announces New Round of Cure-Focused Research Grants

February 2014: amfAR Intensifies Efforts to Find a Cure for HIV

January 2014: Pursuit of HIV Cure Gets Funding Boost from amfAR


November 2013: amfAR Awards Give Boost to Promising Young HIV/AIDS Researchers

July 2013: Infusion of Funding for amfAR HIV Cure Consortium

July 2013: Infusion of Funding for amfAR HIV Cure Consortium: New grants enable four teams of leading researchers to build on research momentum in collaborative effort to eradicate HIV

February 2013: amfAR Awards $1.4 Million in New Grants for HIV Cure Research


December 2012: New amfAR Grants Nurture Next Generation of AIDS Researchers

September 2012: amfAR Announces New Round of Cure-Focused Research Grants

June 2012: amfAR Consortium Gathers Momentum in Quest for HIV/AIDS Cure

February 2012: amfAR Ramps Up Investment in HIV Cure Research


November 2011: New amfAR Research Awards Bolster Search for HIV Cure

June 2011: amfAR Consortium Helps Lead Efforts for HIV/AIDS Cure


December 2010: Tetherin' HIV: amfAR Awards New Grants to TieUp the Virus

May 2010: amfAR Consortium To Speed Search for HIV/AIDS Cure

February 2010: amfAR Funds Cutting-Edge Gene Therapy Research

January 2010: amfAR Awards New Round of Mathilde Krim Fellowships 


February 2009: Cutting-Edge amfAR Grants Fight HIV/AIDS in the Lab and on the Phone


2008 Research Fellowships, Grants, and Awards 

July 2008: New amfAR Grants Look to Optimize Current HIV Treatment and Strive for a Cure

January 2008: amfAR Announces Inaugural Mathilde Krim Fellowship Awards for AIDS Research


June 2007: New amfAR Grants to Optimize HIV Treatment

January 2007: New amfAR Research Grants Aim to Advance Understanding and Prevention of Rectal HIV Transmission


June 2006: Grants and Fellowships Announced: amfAR Funds Studies Aimed at Viral Eradication

March 2006: Grants and Fellowships Announced: Understanding HIV Infection at the Start


September 2005: Grants Focus on Novel Approaches to HIV/AIDS Research