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CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING: Women, Stigma and HIV: Results and Policy Implications of an amfar/Harris Interactive National Survey of Public Attitudes Towards HIV Positive Women


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This first event in amfAR’s Capitol Hill AIDS 20/20 briefing series presented the findings of an amfAR survey conducted by Harris Interactive on women and AIDS. The results of the survey revealed pervasive negative views of HIV-positive women and a high level of discomfort in interacting with them. Many of the respondents to the survey displayed a lack of knowledge of how HIV is transmitted and misplaced fears of contracting the virus, underscoring an urgent need to scale up prevention and education efforts.



When: March 31, 2008

Where: The Washington Press Club, First Amendment Lounge 

• Susan Blumenthal, M.D., M.P.A.
Senior Policy and Medical Advisor, amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Women’s Health, and Former Assistant Surgeon General of the United States            

• Marvelyn Brown
International AIDS Activist
What It’s Really Like Out There: Perspective of HIV Positive Women 
• Regan Hofmann
Editor-in-Chief, POZ Magazine
Moving Forward: How We Reduce HIV/AIDS Stigma in Society – The Media’s Role                       

• Laura Nyblade, Ph.D.
Senior Social Scientist, HIV and Stigma, International Center for Research on Women
Lessons Learned from the Global Experience - Reducing HIV Stigma 
• Helen-Maria Lekas, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Clinical Sociomedical Sciences Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health
The Enduring Stigma Experiences Among Women with HIV/AIDS 

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