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GMT-Specific Training Curricula for Health Service Providers and Peer Educators

The GMT Initiative routinely receives requests for GMT training resources and curricula from our partners in the field, and we attempt to promote the sharing of such resources whenever possible. Below are links provided by several of our partners to training materials for GMT peer educators and curriculum to train healthcare providers to reduce the stigma and discrimination GMT face in healthcare settings. We will post additional resources as they become available.



Resources for Healthcare Providers



Promoting The Health Of Men Who Have Sex With Men Worldwide: A Training Curriculum For Providers

A team comprised of MSMGF and JHU staff and expert consultants joined forces to conduct the necessary research and develop the curriculum’s written content. This team was guided by a 15-member Technical Advisory Board whose names are listed here.

Available in: English

Download PDF (10 MB)




tutu-1a.jpg foundation MSM ManualMen Who Have Sex With Men: An Introductory Guide for Health Workers in Africa

Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation

Pub. Date: 2011

Available in: English

For Use in: Africa

Download PDF (6MB)




cambodia-msm-guide-2a.jpgUnderstanding and Challenging Stigma Toward Men Who Have Sex with Men: Toolkit for Action

Pact Inc. and International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)

Pub. Date: 2010

Available in: English

For Use in: Cambodia

Download PDF (5MB)





Resources for Peer Educators


My Life, My Power: A Training Curriculum for Peer Educators on HIV Prevention and Risk Reduction Among MSM in Kenya (Training Curriculum)

Kenyan Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation

Pub. Date: Jan. 2013

Available in: English

For Use in: Kenya; Africa

Download PDF (17.5 MB)


CoverIt’s My Turn! HIV Prevention and Care Training Manual and Tools for Peer Educators of “Men who have Sex with Men” (Manual)

AED/SHARP (Academy for Educational Development/ Strengthening HIV and AIDS Response Partnerships)

Pub. Date: 2010

Available in: English

For Use in: Ghana; West Africa; Africa

Download PDF (55.2 MB)


CoverTraining Manual for Women and Transwomen Involved in Sex Work (Manual)

IESSDEH; REDTRANS; Asociación de Trabajadoras Sexuales "Miluska Vida y Dignidad"; UNFPA

Pub. Date: 2009

Available in: Spanish

For Use in: Peru; Latin America

Download PDF (8.64 MB)

Peer and Outreach Education for Improving the Sexual Health of Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Reference Manual for Peer and Outreach Workers (Manual)

UNESCO; USAID; FHI 360; Population Services International; International HIV/AIDS Alliance; Purple Sky Network

Pub. Date: 2007

Download PDF (28.9 MB)

Available in: English, Chinese, Khmer, Lao, and Thai

For Use in: Asia & the Pacific

CoverSexual, Human and Legal Rights for Chiang Mai’s Men that have Sex with Men (MSM), Male Sex Workers (MSW) & Transgender Communities (TG): A Reference Manual for Peer and Outreach Workers (Manual)

Mplus Thailand, BABSEA CLE, and The Open University

Pub. Date: 2001

Available in: English

For Use in: Thailand; Asia

Download PDF (1.9 MB)