amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research

amfAR’s public policy office in Washington, D.C., educates policy makers, the media, and the public about evidence-based policies to address HIV/AIDS in the U.S. and around the world.

Tracking the Opioid Epidemic

Tracking the Opioid Epidemic

A new amfAR online database provides a window onto the deadly opioid epidemic unfolding across every American’s backyard.

derail graphic

Derailing Progress

Infographic: The Human Impact of the U.S. FY2018 Global Health Budget


The World Without PEPFAR

Infographic: Investments in PEPFAR have saved millions of lives AND helped stabilize an unstable world.

The Broad  Benefits of AIDS Research

Lifting All Boats

The broad benefits of increased investment in HIV/AIDS research

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amfAR Database Illuminates PEPFAR Programs and Priorities

New database enables users to access and understand PEPFAR programs and priorities at a deeper level than was previously possible.

The Exchange - End the Ban on syringe exchanges rotator image

The Case for Syringe Exchange

amfAR’s issue briefs and short films make a convincing case for ending the ban on federal funding for syringe services programs.