2023 Honorees


María Berrío


Ava DuVernay

Ava DuVernay

“HIV is a social justice issue. How are people supposed to lead full and joyful lives if access to healthcare that many take for granted is a daily struggle? That is what a cure for HIV accomplishes.”

Palm Beach


Jane Lynch

Unable to attend due to COVID, Jane Lynch sent a video message accepting her Award of Courage: “I dearly wanted to be there tonight to support amfAR and the excellent work that they’ve been doing for so many years. It’s extremely important that we all keep going, we keep supporting amfAR until HIV, that most cunning of viruses, is vanquished, once and for all. And I’d like to thank everyone at amfAR for choosing to recognize me tonight…It’s a great honor. I care deeply about a number of causes, but especially the fight against AIDS, and against its stigma, homophobia, and discrimination of all kinds.”