amfAR funds highly innovative and sometimes high-risk studies that may lack the preliminary data required by traditional grant makers, with the goal of developing a cure for HIV.

amfAR Cure Trial
Shows Proof of Concept

Combination immunotherapy study
sheds light on curing HIV.

amfAR Awards $1.5 Million in New Cure Research Grants

Strategies involve mRNA and gene-editing technologies, and souped-up natural killer cells

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Target Grants

Submission Deadline:
1:00 PM, March 14, 2023

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Publications from amfAR Grantees and Fellows

Each month, the findings of amfAR-funded researchers (names in bold) are published in peer-reviewed journals, which are listed below by month of publication. In each case you can click on the “ABSTRACT” link for a brief summary of the research paper as it appears in the journal. In some cases, you can click on the “READ MORE” link to access related articles written for a lay audience by amfAR staff.