amfAR funds highly innovative and sometimes high-risk studies that may lack the preliminary data required by traditional grant makers, with the goal of developing a cure for HIV.
amfAR Grants Advance Gene Therapy Approaches to Curing HIV

amfAR Awards $2.4M
for Gene Therapy
Cure Research

New grants will advance a range of
innovative cure strategies.

On the Leading Edge of
Cure Research

IAS President Prof. Sharon Lewin speaks to amfAR about her research, progress towards an HIV cure, and the importance of investing in innovation.

Sharon Lewis

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Publications from amfAR Grantees and Fellows

Each month, the findings of amfAR-funded researchers (names in bold) are published in peer-reviewed journals, which are listed below by month of publication. In each case you can click on the “ABSTRACT” link for a brief summary of the research paper as it appears in the journal. In some cases, you can click on the “READ MORE” link to access related articles written for a lay audience by amfAR staff.