Jeff Koons
Jeff Koons

As part of Jeff Koons’s first-ever NFT project, the artist is sending artworks to the Moon in celebration of human achievement.

Moon Phases is Koons’s most ambitious work to date. Each of the included works corresponds
to a distinct phase of the 62 total phases of the Moon as seen from the Earth, from different
vantage points in space, and from one lunar eclipse. The artworks within Moon Phases are each
associated with people who have made accomplishments in human history. The list of names
is universal, including individuals from various parts of the world, fields, and time periods, with
Plato, Nefertiti, Artemisia Gentileschi, Andy Warhol, Gabriel García Márquez, Mahatma Gandhi,
Sojourner Truth, Leonardo da Vinci, Ada Lovelace, David Bowie, and Helen Keller among them.
These and other names will be individually displayed, memorializing the figures on the occasion
of the Moon mission. In this way, Koons honors some of the greatest achievements of the past
to inspire future generations.

The winner of this lot will receive:

  • Ownership of a sculpture permanently installed on the Moon
  • A mirror reflective, stainless-steel, spherical sculpture of the Moon that is encased in a glass box. This work features a small precious stone—either a white diamond, yellow diamond, ruby, emerald, or sapphire—which indicates the sculpture’s location on the Moon
  • A unique NFT that is paired with the sculpture on the Moon and the sculpture on the Earth. The NFT is the only component of the artwork that features Jeff Koons’s iconic signature
  • Special access to events and content surrounding the rocket launch and the sculpture’s journey to the Moon
  • Whitelisting for future Koons projects, including NFTs, presented by Pace

Courtesy of the artist and Pace Gallery (@jeffkoons)

To place your absentee bid or to participate in phone bidding please email,