amfAR at AIDS 2024: Presentations, Meetings, and Workshops



Impact profiles in implementation science: Making a difference
(pre-conference session)
MODERATOR: Annette Sohn

HIV Pediatrics Workshop

Prevalence and associated factors of moderate-to-high suicidal risk among Thai adolescents and young adults living with HIV
PRESENTER: Tavitiya Sudjaritruk

Why are pediatric-to-adult HIV care transition processes not streamlined? A qualitative study of the experiences and needs of young people with perinatal HIV in Thailand
PRESENTER: Linda Aurpibul

Increased biomarkers of cardiovascular disease in a long-term survivor cohort of young adults living with perinatal HIV with virologic non-suppression or metabolic syndrome
PRESENTER: Linda Aurpibul

Symptoms of depression and anxiety among adolescents and young adults living with HIV: A multiregional analysis of the AYANI
PRESENTER: Tavitiya Sudjaritruk


Integration of mental health and HIV care: Opportunities for scale-up?
(Symposium: Bridging mind and body: The interconnectedness of HIV and mental health)
PRESENTER: Annette Sohn

Community-led monitoring goes beyond evaluating essential health components, it also actively addresses issues of rights and social justice in Indonesia and Manipur, India
PRESENTER: Giten Khwairakpam

Fully integrated mental health management within routine HIV adolescent and young adult services using a collaborative care model in Thailand: Lessons learned
PRESENTER: Wipaporn Natalie Songtaweesin

Cause specific mortality incidence in the Thai National AIDS Program: 2008-2023
PRESENTER: Cheewanan Lertpiriyasuwat

Time-varying concordance of self-reported and point-of-care biomarkers of alcohol and substance use measures among older adults with HIV from low- and middle-income countries, the Sentinel Research Network of IeDEA
PRESENTER: Melissa Stockton

Persistence of symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD among people with HIV aged >40 years in low- and middle-income countries in the Sentinel Research Network of IeDEA
PRESENTER: Melissa Stockton

Understanding multi-stakeholder perspectives on comprehensive chemsex services for young men who have sex with men in Thailand: Qualitative findings from the CLYMAX study
PRESENTER: Akarin Hiransuthikul

Navigating facilitators and barriers to establishing chemsex services in Thailand – qualitative findings from the CLYMAX study
PRESENTER: Akarin Hiransuthikul

Anal high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion screening algorithms for Thai cisgender men and transgender women who have sex with men: baseline results of a multiphase optimization strategy study
Supanat Thitipatarakorn

How to critically read and review a scientific manuscript
Annette Sohn

Public Policy

Structural racism and its impact on Black gay men in Europe and America accessing HIV prevention and treatment
(Symposium: Person-centered services: Design and implementation of effective HIV prevention and care)
PRESENTER: Greg Millett

Undue influence: The outsized role of U.S policy in global HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights
PRESENTERS: Jennifer Sherwood, Beirne Roose-Snyder

Changing policy through science
(Pre-conference session: Looking to the future: Opportunities for scale and impact)
PRESENTER: Greg Millett

Government as a CLM partner: What’s working, what’s needed, what’s next?
(Pre-conference session)
MODERATORS: Greg Millett, Maureen Luba

Predictors of waiting time at public health facilities in South Africa: evidence from Ritshidze’s community-led monitoring
PRESENTER: Ndivhuwo Rambau

Disparities in quality of care among trans men and trans women in South Africa: findings from Ritshidze’s community led-monitoring
PRESENTER: Olayiwola James Oladipo

Community-led monitoring approaches and data on PrEP: evidence from South Africa, Haiti, and Zimbabwe
PRESENTER: Mary Nyathi

Adolescent girls and young women living with HIV experiences in access to health facilities in Lesotho 2023
PRESENTER: Makeneuoe Fako

State-Level Transgender Policy Index and Implications on the U.S. HIV Response
PRESENTER: Deborah V Stenoien

Biomedical Research

Need for increased HIV testing prior to and during pre-exposure prophylaxis with cabotegravir long-acting injections in routine clinical care in the United States

TCR repertoire diversity allows for expansion of HIV-specific CD8 T-cells following anti-PD1 in people with HIV and cancer on ART
PRESENTER: Celine Gubser

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