Response to ICAP’s Critique of “Blinded by Our Own Data”

On June 1, 2022, amfAR’s Public Policy Office released its report “Blinded by Our Own Data—Recency Testing in PEPFAR,” raising concerns regarding the implementation, cost, utility, and ethics of PEPFAR’s HIV recency testing program. The report is available below.

On June 7, ICAP released a response to the report stating that they disagree with the “premise, details, and conclusions” of amfAR’s report. ICAP’s response is also available below. We highly encourage all readers to read and review both amfAR’s report as well as ICAP’s response.

Below, you will also find amfAR’s reply to the points raised in ICAP’s response, released on June 10.

We have pulled these resources together in this post in the interest of being transparent and because we believe that the ongoing dialogue is important to improving PEPFAR’s programming for people living with HIV globally.

Blinded by Our Own Data—Recency Testing in PEPFAR