Tracking COVID-19’s Impact and Vaccine Uptake in the Asia-Pacific Region

amfAR’s TREAT Asia program launches COVID-19 website

How many cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in India and how has this number changed over time? How many COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered in South Korea? Which COVID-19 vaccines are authorized in Indonesia?

Accurate and understandable information about COVID-related health outcomes and COVID vaccine uptake is urgently needed for public health professionals to respond to the needs of individuals and communities impacted by the global pandemic, yet accessing this often highly technical research data across multiple platforms is a challenging task. Making accessibility a priority, amfAR’s TREAT Asia program has launched a website to collate vital information about COVID-19 in the Asia-Pacific region, with a special focus on vaccines and therapeutics.

Utilizing up-to-date data across graphs, tables, and maps, the website’s snapshots allow visitors to understand the evolving impact of COVID-19, including cases of infection (daily and cumulative) and mortality, on any particular country in the region from January 2020 until today. Visitors may also easily extract country-specific information about how many vaccine doses have been administered and the share of people who have been fully or partially vaccinated. The graphics allow visitors to isolate the data for any of the countries represented or compare countries in the region, as well as globally. Each dataset is downloadable.

Along with information about vaccine research and development, the website lists the authorized vaccines in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world. It also provides an evidence-based analysis of therapeutics used as treatments for COVID-related symptoms, including remdesivir, monoclonal antibodies, and systemic corticosteroids, among others. Visitors may also learn the latest news about COVID-related research and link to the WHO Emergency Use Listing for COVID-19 vaccines.

The TREAT Asia COVID website is the latest manifestation of amfAR’s commitment to responding to COVID-19, while remaining steadfast in its efforts to find a cure for HIV. The site also represents the latest in a suite of free interactive databases compiled and maintained by amfAR in an effort to inform policymakers, public health officials, advocates, researchers, and other stakeholders about key aspects of the evolving U.S. and global HIV and related epidemics.

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