Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Law Cannot Stand

Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Law Cannot Stand

A court ruling upholding the law will not only discourage people from accessing HIV care, but is a violation of basic human rights

NEW YORK, APRIL 4, 2024 — The ruling this week from Uganda’s Constitutional Court upholding the nation’s oppressive anti-homosexuality law is a travesty of justice. Portions of the law struck down pertain not to LGBTQ+ Ugandans, but to those who are aware of, and fail to report, suspected homosexuality.

In striking from the law a provision requiring citizens to report homosexual neighbors, friends, and family to the state, the court acknowledged Ugandans’ “right to health, privacy, and freedom of religion,” but does not go so far as to protect those rights by leaving, unaltered, the portions of the legislation that prohibit homosexual sexual activity and identification. While the annulment of certain provisions of the law lessens its negative impact on the provision of HIV services for LGBTQ+ Ugandans and the 1.6 million Ugandans living with HIV, the court did not address the law’s enforcement of an environment of fear and discrimination that discourages access to lifesaving HIV prevention and treatment services.

Since the law went into effect last year, it has already had a grave effect on HIV services in Uganda. The number of clients using drop-in centers that provide HIV prevention and treatment to those who need them most, including men who have sex with men, has dropped from an average of 40 per week to just two.

amfAR is disappointed with the decision of the court and with the American interests that encouraged the law’s drafting in the first place. We urge governments and NGOs to take actions, including sanctions, in order to encourage Uganda to reverse course of this human rights violation.

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