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  • Identifying New Targets in Host Cells to Attack HIV  

    By examining genes, researchers identify new host cell factors to target in order to interrupt HIV replication in primary CD4+ T cells.

  • Using PET Scans to Visualize HIV

    ImmunoPET imaging, using PET scans with a zirconium-89 tracer, allows researchers to find HIV in patients’ organs and tissues that would be invasive to sample.

  • Defining Targets for Eradicating Latent HIV Reservoirs

    Researchers find evidence that effector memory T cells are a key component of HIV reservoir and suggest Nef as a potential therapeutic target.

  • Shock-and-Kill Trial Falls Short

    Research Question One of the most studied paradigms to cure HIV is the so-called shock-and-kill approach, in which dormant HIV is “shocked” by a latency-reversing agent (LRA) into making copies of itself and thus alerting the immune system to its presence, while boosting the ability of the immune system to kill infected cells. To date, […]

  • Researchers Report Potential New Case of HIV Cure

    A woman shows no signs of HIV after receiving a stem cell transplant using cord blood stem cells to treat her leukemia.

  • A Pathway to Controlling Inflammation?

    Using blood protein, apoA-1, provides a promising strategy to target key inflammatory products linked to HIV infection and antiretroviral therapy (ART).

  • The Not-So-Latent Reservoir

    amfAR-funded researchers use an innovative new technique that is advancing our understanding of the HIV reservoir.

  • When U.S.-Based Studies Don’t Measure Up

    Study finds that Ugandans with HIV have smaller, but more genetically diverse reservoirs within individuals than for participants with HIV in the U.S.

  • Tracing the Unique Immune Footprints of Elite Controllers

    Researchers study the mechanisms that enable a small group of people to naturally suppress HIV.

  • Can Long-Term Treatment Lead to ART-Free Control of HIV?

    Background In early December 2021, amfAR convened a think tank of 15 researchers to address this tantalizing possibility. The question follows on the heels of a number of recent findings made by Drs. Xu Yu of the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard, and Mathias Lichterfeld of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, who […]

  • Stem Cell Transplants and the CCR5 Mutation

    Interrupting antiretroviral therapy (ART) after stem cell transplant using donor cells lacking CCR5 mutation can lead to acute complications from HIV rebound.

  • Researchers Report New Case of Spontaneous HIV Cure

    A woman in Argentina has become only the second documented person whose own immune system appears to have cured her of HIV.

  • Keeping Dormant HIV Dormant

    Researchers aim to find out if safe and effective drugs can be developed to permanently suppress the HIV reservoir.

  • Why Do Some Elite Controllers Stop Controlling HIV?

    A small minority of people living with HIV can suppress their viral load to levels at which the risk of HIV transmission and disease development are very low—all in the absence of antiretroviral therapy.

  • Another HIV Vaccine Failure – What HIV and COVID Can Teach Each Other

    At the end of the roughly four-year study, there were no significant differences in HIV acquisition between those who received the vaccine and those who got placebo.  

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