Child and Adolescent HIV Research

Child and Adolescent HIV
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TREAT Asia’s pediatric network includes 21 sites, 19 of which contribute to the TREAT Asia Pediatric HIV Observational Database (TApHOD). TApHOD is a regional pediatric HIV study set up by TREAT Asia in 2006 that includes data from more than 7,500 children and adolescents in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Due to the success of national Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission (PMTCT) programs and the resulting decline in pediatric HIV infections, since 2021 sites in Thailand and Malaysia stopped contributing new data to TApHOD.

TREAT Asia Pediatric Network
 Countries in the Asia-Pacific region with TApHOD sites (click on map to see specific sites)

Research priorities focus on investigating HIV clinical and treatment outcomes among children and adolescents living with HIV, including optimal antiretroviral regimen sequencing to reduce resistance and side effects, the longer-term consequences of failing first- or second-line treatment before adulthood, and HIV-associated co-infections and co-morbidities.  

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TREAT Asia also studies the management of HIV in children and adolescents in the broader context of families and communities, and the complex psychosocial needs of young people navigating growing up with HIV, adhering to HIV treatment, reducing risk behaviors for transmitting HIV and transitioning into adult care. Additionally, TREAT Asia participates in the International AIDS Society’s (IAS) Collaborative Initiative for Pediatric HIV Education and Research (CIPHER), which aims to facilitate global collaboration to improve care for HIV-positive children and adolescents.


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