Resources to Support Transition of Adolescents from Pediatric to Adult HIV Care

In collaboration with young people living with HIV, social workers, and pediatricians in the Asia-Pacific region, TREAT Asia has developed tools to help providers manage the transition of adolescents from pediatric to adult HIV clinics. 

Among the tools is a flipchart for use during provider-patient discussions around transition, which is available for download in EnglishBahasa IndonesiaKhmerMalayThai, and  Vietnamese

The flipchart includes information on the following topics:

        1. Differences between pediatric and adult HIV clinics;

        2. When to make the transition in care;

        3. What to expect at an adult HIV clinic;

        4. General information about HIV treatment and prevention.

Production of these tools was made possible with the support of the Children and Youth Program of the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre, and ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action for Adolescents program.

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