Community Spotlight:
Jeff Brutlag

As a community-driven streamer and fiction/creative nonfiction writer, @JeffBrutlag focuses on creating queer content with the intent to create safe spaces and lift up marginalized voices. Together with @Dona_Tarte, @Ongina, @EvahDestructionand @ainevixen_, Jeff participated in Dona’s Easter Bake-Off, making and decorating festive baked goods while raising awareness and funds in aid of amfAR, smashing their fundraising goal along the way.

What inspired you to make a difference through fundraising?

Being able to use the platform I’ve built on Twitch was a huge part of it. Until my first ever charity stream in 2018, I never realized what kind of reach that charity streams can have, and seeing it first-hand made me realize that it’s absolutely more powerful than a lot of streamers may immediately think. Entertaining people while raising money for a good cause? Seems like a no brainer to me!

What motivated you to become a content creator?

Originally, it was wanting to create things from scratch that I could be proud of. I have an extensive creative writing background, so telling stories, and going through the creative process is something I’ve come to enjoy, and being able to do some form of “storytelling” by live streaming feels great. Plus, gaming has been something I’ve enjoyed since I was around five years old. It only felt natural to end up where I am.

Now I’m so fulfilled by the safe space I’ve created, not just for the LGBTQIA+ community, but for anyone who needs a place to feel at home while maintaining that safe space.

What makes a game great for streaming?

The absolute bare minimum requirement for a great stream game is that you enjoy it! I’ve seen all kinds of different streamers build amazing communities, whether they’re playing popular games or not. Whatever you choose to stream, you have to at least enjoy the experience of playing it, because viewers, more often than not, want to feel that you’re enjoying it as much as they are. 

What game franchises define your taste?

Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, Bayonetta, Legend of Zelda, and the Kirby games are probably what define my taste the most. Fantastical, spooky, witchy, adventure-filled, and ultra-cute, or any combination of those vibes are what will catch my eye when it comes to games I want to try.

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