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We were extremely excited to have the support of Quietachvment and their community for our inaugural charity stream event, raising over $400 to support life-saving research. As a member of the Chill Zone Community Team, her channel focuses on being kind, generous, enjoyable to be around, and aims to have the most fun possible.

What motivated you to become a content creator?

I was motivated to become a content creator because I grew up watching creators like Markiplier, Game Grumps and Achievement Hunter. They gave me a safe space to come home to after hardships at school. They lifted weights off my shoulders. What they gave me is what I want to give to others, a safe space where you can truly feel like you belong in the world. I am always striving to create an environment worthy of such. I could never thank the gaming world enough for giving me long lasting friendships and a place of belonging.

What inspired you to make a difference through fundraising?

What inspires me to make a difference through fundraising is the initial impact it can cause. I’ve been doing charity streams for about four years now and each one is just as amazing and jam-packed full of excitement! I’m inspired to do the most that I can because I’m always thinking of my nieces and nephews. If there’s any way I can help then I’ll do it even if it means making a fool of myself on the internet!

What are some of your favorite rewards or incentives you used while fundraising?

Some of my favorite rewards or incentives that I’ve used over the years during my charity stream definitely have to be making balloon animals and eating olives. The only reason I can make a balloon animal dog is because of my charity streams! It’s all muscle memory at this point. Although I despise them, eating olives has always been one of my incentives since day one. You would think that four years later I’d grow to like them but that’s not the case. The screenshots I’ve gotten while I eat an olive on stream are what makes it worth it.

What sort of games do you prefer to stream and which ones are you most excited about this year?

Games I prefer to stream are definitely ones that I enjoy playing above all else. I am a variety caster so there isn’t one game that can tie me down. I’m always jumping from one story-based RPG to the next! No matter what game I find myself playing I will always find ways to have the most fun. I’m not one to play games on the highest difficulty just to challenge myself. I’m all about having fun and truly immersing myself into the video game. There are a few games that I am very excited about this year! Goodbye Volcano High, Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Life is Strange 3 are my top three most anticipated games of the year! I played every Life is Strange game in the series and each game is rich with story, character development and immersive environments. I always recommend others to play through the series.

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