Community Spotlight:
The UnKany Queers

Our Allied In Pride campaign was so lucky to have the support of our first fundraising Team, Team UnKany Queers! Raising over $2,000 in donations and blowing past their original goal, Katpurnicus and  Daily_Dany put together a whole host of great milestones and content to bring their communities together for Pride.

What inspired you to make a difference through fundraising?

Our main goal when it comes to streaming is to make others happy and help others. We have both participated in charity streams before, fundraising for other non-profit organizations and we saw how being content creators gives us a great opportunity to benefit our communities and raise money for great organizations like amfAR.

What motivated you to become a content creator?

Katpurnicus: I started streaming over a year ago when I had to work from home for about a month due to the start of the pandemic. I was basically looking for something to do while my husband was working during the weekends. I wanted to meet people with similar interests as me, and I wanted to find people to play Monster Hunter with. Since then a lot has changed but I still have the same goal of growing a supportive community to play games with.

Daily_Dany: I first streamed a few years ago for a charity. I thought maybe I would like it enough to continue and stream for myself, but I did not. A few years later during the pandemic, one of my close friends began streaming and that encouraged me to try my hand in streaming again. During that time Twitch was seeing an increase in popularity for multiplayer games played with the community. I really wanted to play these types of games so I wanted to get back into streaming. It took a few months to build up the courage to get back on Twitch but eventually in February I began streaming and was able to find a great community I am happy to be a part of.

What are some of your favorite rewards or incentives you used while fundraising?

Katpurnicus: The reward we did for our initial $1,000 goal was giving away a deluxe pre-order of Endwalker, the next expansion for the hit Japanese MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. Did you know that the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has a free trial, and includes the entirety of A Realm Reborn AND the award-winning Heavensward expansion up to level 60 with no restrictions on playtime? I am also pretty excited for our $4,000, which we are currently working towards. If we reach our goal my husband will have to stream in a maid dress.

Daily_Dany: My favorite incentive was our $1,500 goal. I debuted my reference sheet for my upcoming vtuber model which the community seemed to like! I also really liked our $800 goal, which was a 12-hour stream which we incorporated into the campaign for our ‘Push 4 The Plushie’ day, which was a ton of fun.

Why did you choose to fundraise as a team and how do you know each other?

Katpurnicus: Fundraising can be an exhausting thing, especially for an entire month. It really helps having a friend doing it with you! Dany is a wonderful person that I met through Twitch actually! They raided me while I was streaming Final Fantasy XIV and they easily became one of my best friends and have been a staple of my community ever since. 

Daily_Dany: Fundraising alone can be difficult. I always liked doing it as a team and as soon as I heard Kat was doing a campaign I messaged her and asked her if I could join. I met Kat back in February. She was the first person I ever raided. After that day I kept coming to watch her streams, and she became a very close friend and mentor, helping me grow as a streamer and just being an amazing person I look up to in general.

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