Community Spotlight:
Doc Brooke


Supporting a number of amazing causes, @DocBrooke is a variety streamer on Twitch, a PhD student studying digital communities and activism, and a participant in this year’s Allied In Pride Campaign. With a monthly featured charity, DocBrooke likes to stream a variety of games including action adventure, JRPGs, battle royales, strategy games, and smaller indie titles, with an emphasis on games talking about social issues.

Tell us why you wanted to make a difference for amfAR?

HIV/AIDS has personally impacted my extended family, and I want to contribute to the important social and scientific work amfAR supports.

What inspired you to make a difference through fundraising?

I started content creation with the explicit goal of using games and gaming content to promote the public good. Fundraising for charities is one key element of that goal. Also, as a teacher with limited income, I choose to give my most valuable resource (my time) to other organizations to raise money for great causes. 

What are your philanthropic goals for 2021?

I hope to raise a total of $10,000 for charity by the end of 2021. So far, we’ve raised more than $7,000 on my channel!

What sort of games do you prefer to stream and which ones are you most excited about this year?  

I’m a variety streamer, so I play a little bit of everything. I enjoy playing action adventure games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Ghosts of Tsushima, but I also play multiplayer games with my community like Apex Legends and Dead by Daylight. I’m very excited for Back 4 Blood, Deathloop, and the Pokemon Diamond/Pearl remakes coming out this year!

What makes a game great for streaming?

Two things: pacing and passion. Pacing is important, because streams are better if the streamer has a moment to look away and catch up with their community in the chat. Passion is important because if the game is lovingly crafted and thoughtfully designed, it gives the streamer and the community something to invest in. A great example of this is Spider-Man: Miles Morales – that game’s graphics, voice acting, story, and gameplay elements were all so wonderfully made that it quickly became one of my favorite games ever. My community also loved it and those were some of our most fun streams!

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