Community Spotlight:
Dona Tarte

One of our earliest supporters, Dona Tarte is a Professional Baker, Drag Artist & Content Creator from Ireland. Her channel is known for Baking themed events and streams, and together with @Ongina@EvahDestruction@JeffBrutlag and @ainevixen_they created the Dona’s Easter Bake-Off campaign, making and decorating festive baked goods while raising awareness and funds in aid of amfAR.

What inspired you to make a difference through fundraising?

I’ve been streaming throughout the start of the pandemic and during this I noticed a lot of local charities were reaching out to find alternative ways to raise money due to lockdown preventing regular charity events IRL. Being a streamer, I already hosted various events or collabs with other streamers/artists just for the fun of it so when charities started to pop up on Tiltify, it just made fundraising so easy and accessible for content creators!

What motivated you to become a content creator?

Prior to lockdown I was working full time as a Baker and a student before that. Already I streamed here or there but when lockdown started and I lost my job, I ended up diving into Twitch with all of my passions; Baking, drag & games! It’s been a year and I have yet to look back.

What makes a game great for streaming?

It really depends on what type of streamer you are! For me, being a variety streamer, I need to keep on top of trends of new and exciting games and events. I personally love to play games that I can complete in 1-2 streams, horror on Mondays, story games on Wednesdays and Fridays are for fun, chaotic multiplayer games. This keeps my viewers on their toes with my streams. Another tip would be to have an arsenal of “throwaway” games. I made this term for games that are repetitive, usually lacking story but fun to watch as a backup such as Fall Guys, Dead by Daylight and Phasmophobia.

What are your philanthropic goals for 2021?

My goal is to take Bake Off events and bring it to a much larger audience. If an audience on Twitch can raise over 1k for one single event, I can only imagine how much a bigger production/televised audience could raise!

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