Fifty Years of Sharing Continues

Jerry Dyer and Jerry Kaseman
Life partners Jerry Dyer and Jerry Kaseman

Jerry Dyer, who hailed from Mt. Hope, Kansas, and Jerald Jerome Kaseman, of Wishek, North Dakota, first met as colleagues in the Santa Ana school district in southern California but soon discovered they shared more than the same name, Jerry—they shared a desire to spend their lives together and did so for fifty years.

Settling down in Laguna Niguel, they shared a love of teaching and, in their free time, painted landscapes and flowers in watercolors and acrylics (they themselves had green thumbs, spending countless hours on their garden and yard). They shared the joy of adventure, traveling to over 25 countries (some revisited multiple times) and toting back mementoes for loved ones. They enjoyed spending weekends and vacations at their second home in San Diego. Over the years, they loved to entertain family and friends in their home or in the area (like the beach), hosting dinner parties and family reunions where every get-together was an event of love and laughter. And they both shared a commitment to giving back to the community, which included volunteering at a local hospital.

Jerry K. lent his time and energy to Children of the Dream, a project sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League to combat prejudice based on race, culture, and religion and to promote unity and empathy among all people, no matter their differences. Relying on his educational expertise, he was in charge of in-servicing participating teachers across Orange County.

As animal lovers, they always included dogs as a part of their family and, no surprise, loyally supported the ASPCA and the San Clemente-Dana Point Animal Shelter in San Clemente, California.

Throughout the past decades, Jerry D. and Jerry K. lost many friends to AIDS-related causes and, to honor their memory, they included amfAR in a trust they set up to benefit eight charities.

Jerry K., who passed away on September 10, 2021, at age 76, shared this about his partner, who predeceased him some seven months earlier on January 13, 2021: “My life would not have been complete and as full as it has been if it had not been for my friend and companion, Jerry Dyer, of more than fifty years. We have always been there for each other during the difficult as well as the ‘best’ of times.”

“Through their generous trust, Jerry K. and Jerry D. will continue their lifelong commitment to helping both people and animals in need far into the future,” said Kyle Clifford, amfAR’s chief development officer. “All of us at amfAR are so grateful for their legacy gift to help us find a cure for AIDS that will work for everyone, everywhere.”

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